Star Wars character

Ian McDiarmid as Emperor Palpatine

Position Senator of Naboo, Supreme Chancellor of the Galactic Republic, Emperor of the Galactic Empire, Dark Lord of the Sith
Homeworld Naboo

1,78 meters, previously 1,73 m

Weight unknown
Species Human
Gender Male
Affiliation Galactic Republic, Confederacy of Independent Systems, Galactic Empire, Sith Order
Portrayed by The Empire Strikes Back:Clive Revill (original voice)

Ian McDiarmid (2004 DVD) Return of the Jedi and the prequel trilogy: Ian McDiarmid Star Wars: Clone Wars: Nick Jameson (voice) Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Ian Abercrombie (voice) Star Wars: The Force Unleashed: Samuel Witwer (voice)

Palpatine is a fictional character and the main antagonist of the Star Wars saga.[1] Ian McDiarmid portrays the character in the feature films.

Palpatine first appeared as the Emperor of the Galactic Empire in the 1980 film Star Wars Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back. In this film and Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, he is an aged, pale-faced figure who wears dark robes.

In the prequel trilogy, Palpatine is a middle-aged politician of the Republic who rises to power through deception and treachery. As the Senator of Naboo and later the Supreme Chancellor, he outwardly behaves like a well-intentioned and loyal public servant, yet underneath his affable public persona lurks his true identity: Darth Sidious, a Dark Lord of the Sith. As both Palpatine and Sidious, he sets into motion a series of events — including the Clone Wars — which ultimately destroys the Jedi Knights and Republic, allowing him to usher in the Galactic Empire, a brutal authoritarian regime.

Since the initial theatrical run of Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, Palpatine has become a symbol of evil and sinister deception in popular culture.